Appending child path in route


Hi, my Firebase data only has 1 user right now with data structure like this:

root {
  fxJXvLoL9gezsXLOSBc50KqVlb43 {
    books {
        title: "Some title"
        qty: 5
      -KOJd9MSdA3cpBspHnKo {
         title: "Another title"
         qty: 2

Before adding the userID (fxJXvLoL9gezsXLOSBc50KqVlb43) , I can query this book using

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Route.extend({
	model: function() {
		return'book', {
			orderBy: 'qty',

But with the addition of UserID (fxJXvLoL9gezsXLOSBc50KqVlb43) the code no longer works.

How can I hard code the path to add only for this one UserID?

Thanks for your help!


Im a little confused. Do you want to find all books for user fxJXvLoL9gezsXLOSBc50KqVlb43?