Associated model(hasMany) in a nested route

These are my two models with a hasMany relationship Eidos.Form = DS.Model.extend({ name: DS.attr(‘string’), items: DS.hasMany(‘item’) }); Eidos.Item = DS.Model.extend({ qtitle: DS.attr(‘string’), qhelp: DS.attr(‘string’), qoption: DS.attr(‘string’), form: DS.belongsTo(‘form’) });

My router.js file is { // this.resource('posts'); this.resource('forms', function(){ this.resource('form',{path: ':form_id'},function(){ this.resource('editor', function(){ this.route('additem'); }); }); }); });

What i would like to do is , whenver i am accessing forms/:id/editor/additem url, i would like to create an ‘Item record’ and have it associated with the ‘id’ of the form. That means i would like to create child items(A form hasmany items) for that particular id of the form. I don’t know how to access the model hook for the parent model. Can anyone help me with this.