Base route filter for certain transitions

I have a number of routes which are extended from a base route.

In the base route I handle the beforeModel() hook, and based on the transition start and transition end I want to allow/disallow the transition to take place.

How do I accomplish this?

Figured it out in the meantime and would like to share my glorious discovery with anyone else interested:

/* app/route/authenticate.js */
export default Ember.Route.extend({
    beforeModel: function(transition) {
        var routeName = this.controllerFor('application').get('currentRouteName');
        var pathName = this.controllerFor('application').get('currentPath');
        var targetName = transition.targetName;

        var isAdmin = controller.get('currentUser.is_admin');
        if (isAdmin) {
            // This guy can do anything.
        } else {
            // Not admin, some restrictions may apply.
            var blacklist = [ 'secret', 'not-allowed' ];
            if ( blacklist.indexOf(targetName) != -1) {
                // Not allowed.

In another route where you want to enforce this authentication, you need to declare it as follows:

/* app/routes/secret.js */
import Authenticated from './authenticated';

export default Authenticated.extend({

nice and clean, thanks.