Basic Emberfire app not working

I’m playing with Embefire with the CLI and trying to implement a basic version of the example app and its not working.

Heres the JSBin. If someone can quickly point out the holes I’d appreciate it. I’m trying to use Firebase for some simple dev proof of concept things but I’m also new to Ember Data. So yeah. Woo

Also, there is currently nothing in my Firebase data. Its a blank slate and it just has the standard empty “yourAppName” ( “emberfireapp” ) value.

I had to use “serializers” to get it to work. I don’t know why ;-(

Yeah, I gave that a try as well. I noticed it in the example but its not in the getting started guide

I have not updated this example to CLI 0.0.46 but perhaps you can try my working example:

I’ll take a peek here later today. Did you have to initialize your firebase data ahead of time any way? For example, I have nothing in my Forge data except the following:

The error I get in my own console (I dont think it comes up in the JSBin) is:

Error while processing route: name Cannot read property ‘length’ of null TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of null

I think that since my data is still empty it craps out.

I did but don’t know if it is necessary.

Suck. I tried that and it didnt change anything.

Heres the current stat of my roadblock.

This is monumentally annoying. I know its going to be something completely simple but it breaks everything. Grr

Awesome, I checked it out and your fixes partially worked. However when I try to save a new reccord I get "Uncaught Error: More context objects were passed than there are dynamic segments for the route: name ".

This is odd because, as I understand it, thats an error reserved for when you have a dynamic route. I.e: name/:name_id. Here I only have a weenie {

Also, the first: DS.attr('string', {defaultValue: ''}) works but every time the application is loaded it saves a new empty record. More stuff to play around with I suppose.

I could not find the time to fix this. Hope you can find it. I am back next week so feel free to ask me later.

Fixed it by changed the addName action to:

    addName: function() {
      var name ='name', {
        'first' : this.get('name')

Now to figure out why this fixed it and why everything else works.