Best way to remove jQuery from addon?

For the move to Ember Octane, I also like to remove jQuery from an addon. Can someone take a look and point me in the right direction to remove:

Perhaps I can switch to adding focus-out=(action 'handleTextareaBlur') to the {{textarea}} and move the function to actions. Or is there a much better way?

I would say if you’re going to continue to use {{textarea}} then the focus-out action is the appropriate solution. If you are going down a different road, I’d bet that a Modifier, or more specifically, ember-on-modifier is the “Glimmer” solution. (FWIW, I thought the on modifier was going to be “ember official” but I cannot find an RFC or anything similar about that ATM.)

Thanks! I will go with focus-out until Modifiers landed. I found this video on Modifiers that is interesting.

@Panman8201 Thanks! Released v0.1.1

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