Beta testing upgrade process


I’m eager to try out the latest features, namely htmlbars, but I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to upgrade. I tried installing this but I still get the “Bound attributes are not yet supported in Ember.js”.

It seem like everything is all tied together now with the cli and I found some older instructions on how to upgrade to the last beta (which is now stable) here Ember-cli upgrade process but I can’t seem to find out what version of the CLI to upgrade to. Can anyone drop a hint ?

It would be really awesome if the Ember team could give clear instructions on how to do this on the main website or from the changelog. The releases section of the websites suggest you can just download it and drop it in somewhere but that doesn’t really seem to fit with this new CLI pipeline and the whole lockstep release cycle.


Oh, I realized there is some code in the npm link concerning plugins. Is that top one supposed to go in my Brocfile.js ? What about the other one ?


Have you specified ‘canary’ in your bower.json file? That will give you the latest version - but if all you want to test is HTMLBars then 1.10 or 1.11 has it


If your using cli 2.0 you can run ‘ember init’ in your projects root directory and it will go through one file at a time asking do you want to upgrade that file - press ‘d’ to see a diff of what the changes will be - this will give you HTMLBars as long as you say ‘yes’ to the bower.json file (or at least make the equivalent changes to it


@jmurphyau, It would seem hand-editing my bower file would be a bad idea… as I’m not sure ‘canary’ is a valid package/version… you weren’t really clear about what/where to specify. I tried upgrading the npm for ember but it didn’t seem to take 1.11-beta5 as a version. Also, I think I came dangerously close to overwriting my package setup using ember init, which would just overwrite my whole setup which took hours to configure, no ? And this still managed to break my setup even though I only overwrote Brocfile and Envirionment which I knew were not edited because I had coffeescript set up… though I appreciate your input, it could have really set me back as I see from the diffs …