Better way to lookup service in inspector?

Sometimes in the Web Inspector console I want to quickly lookup instances or controllers etc from the console. I can’t find an easy way to do it. This is the only way I found so far: (…)


Where: Frontend is the name of my app which is exported globally with ember-export-application-global and in this example I’m looking up the service called session.

There’s has to be a better way??

I’d probably remove ember-application-export-global and make your own instance initializer that sets self.Frontend = instance;.

Once you do that, looking up services ends up being:


Interesting and simple fix. Curious though, what is the use-case for ember-application-export-global? I don’t fully grok what the Application class does compared to ApplicationInstance

There’s a nice little section in the Ember Guides about that if you haven’t seen it yet.

ember-application-export-global was created before the concept of ApplicationInstances (and before the advent of a public API for accessing instantiated singletons).

Likely we could update it to the solution I linked (tied with a major version bump)…