Bind to a Server Generated Link

Hi. I’ve searched around for this, but I can’t work out how to accomplish it, or even quite what to search for.

I’m generating notifications on my server. So, to take a simple example, if you “follow” someone on our site, then you’ll get a notification like this:

Johnny is now following you.

I’d like to be able to generate a link to allow the followed person to click through to Johnny’s profile. Now, I can obviously easily generate a link:

<a href='/people/johnny'>Johnny</a>

But that isn’t bound to a route transition. So, how might I go about binding this on the client?

If I try something like saving the route name and params in the notification, and do this:

[{link-to notification.text notification.route notification.params}}

Where notification.route is “person” and params is “johnny”, it doesn’t link correctly. I’ve previously been able to bind routes in link-to to bound data (in the controller) but not here.

I’d like, if possible to transform the into a link-to. Is that feasible or possible? Prior art?

Thanks, Johnny

I’ve ended up using an action, and have it working. However, I’m still interested to know if it’s possible to convert an tag into a link-to?

I’m using location: auto. If it was a hash, it’d work, but I get a full page request it’s not.

I would definitely try to keep everything on the Ember side of life. But if you really need links generated on your server, you could compile your Handlebars templates for a component on the server and generate it at a particular path in your components directory with the appropriate {{server-side-link 'text' route param1 param2}} string inside.

This is just a thought though. I would still keep your behaviors on the client-side, and just populate Models with the appropriate data needed to generate your links.