Building a News Feed with Ember Data

So I’m somewhat new to Ember and I’m looking to build a sort of social network app. I’ve managed to get Ember Data syncing up with my API (written to conform to JSON-API). Looking up records and handling relationships all works great. But now I’ve gotten to building the News Feed section and I’m stuck.

What would be the “Ember Way” to fetch a user’s news feed, and populate it with - say - Post models in Ember Data? I can only seem to query Ember Data to get all Posts, which is no good for me. I need to call an API route that has a personalised list of Posts, potentially not in sequential order. Do I need to create a new model? I’ve got no idea where to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi benking. I don’t think you need to create a new model.

An API endpoint to get all posts may be /api/posts. How does your “personalised list of posts” endpoint look like?

Based on that information we’ll find the right approach for you to build the feed.

Well it doesn’t exist yet, I’m building the API alongside the Ember app. I imagine the feed would probably be either /api/users/1/feed or as a shortcut /api/me/feed

A specific subset of models is usually retrieved through query:

model() {
  return'post', { userId: });

In your post adapter (i.e. app/adapters/post.js) override the urlForQuery function telling it to use a specific URL whenever the userId parameter is supplied:

urlForQuery(query) {
  if (query.userId) {
    return `${this.urlPrefix()}/users/${query.userId}/feed`;
  return this._super(...arguments);