camelCase helper

Ember cannot register camelCase helper. What is the logic behind this?

Ember is all about dashes or kabob-case or whatevers. They are camelCase behind the scenes I think though, and although I can’t site it right now - I remember reading why helpers needed to have dashes. All I can offer, is that there is logic behind it. I hope someone has a better answer though / even though I like the dashes ; )

If we take a look here → Naming Conventions - Concepts - Ember Guides We won’t see any _ or - . Don’t get me wrong, I’m with Ember since long time and this won’t make any difference for me. It’s just because there is no any consistence for all aspects of Ember and its quite difficult for someone who’s trying to start now.

I see what you mean. In the helpers section I remember it outlining the -

Are you using v1.10.0 ? - If not, remember to change the dropdown to the version you are using too.