Can ember data handle huge amount of records from API?

Hi all, i am new to ember js and we are going to do a project using ember js. As far as i can understand, ember data store is storing ALL the data from API. We have more than 500,000 records coming from API. can ember store that much data inside Ember Data store without crashing? thank you !!

Well, the question is unreasonable considering no user’s computer is going to have 1TB of memory. Perhaps you can revise your assumption and rephrase the question for people to better help you.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. i think i am asking this question wrong. the thing is, i am getting more than 500,000 records from API at a time. When i select a date from my client side, server API will send me more than 500,000 records at a time. i have to show all those 500,000 records inside my client app. my question is, can ember data store can store that much records and show them in client side without crashing.? thank you so much for your reply.

You should look into both server-side and client-side pagination. It’s unreasonable to send so many records to user’s computer. No browser will be able to render so much data (without very significant performance drop).

hmmm… true. thank you! i should move to a desktop app. thank you!

It’s not an issue of using a desktop app in my opinion, there is no need to show 500,000 pieces of data at once. Either use pagination, smart search tools, consolidate/visualise the data or use some other technique. No human can hope to take in and then make meaningful choices when presented with 500,000 pieces of discrete information.


I don’t think desktop app helps either. Tableau public is free to use and can render up to 1 million rows. You should try it out and see how much data a desktop app can really handle.

Nothing is going to do this without crashing. It is too much data to send at once.