Can I use a model named "store"?


I already spent 20h on this problem. I have a rails backend with a model named “store”, so I set-up a model named “store” in my ember application. I tried multiple ways from a controller and a component to access the ember store, I try to access the ember store for my store/:store_id/settings form:

from the component (I know it’s bad, I spent many hours reading debates about that) I tried to inject the service, I built a initializer to load the store. from the controller which is under controllers/store with routes. Controller should load the ember store automatically… Everywhere else in my app I access smoothly the ember store. The last thing I am thinking is: may be ember doesn’t like the fact that I use the word “store” for my models and everything that goes with it.

I’d like to know if that is a possible root-cause before I re-write everything that I have built so fare around my “store” in my app? (I use ember 2.6 by the way).


EDIT: maybe writing this angry post helped me find a solution after 20h of searching. Now I found myself ridiculous for not finding the solution earlier but I don’t know how to delete a post

yes ofcourse. What is the error you are getting?