Can Reactjs be used as a View within Emberjs?


You can find some words by @wycats


Raynos introduced today an interesting benchmark on #reactjs

HTMLBars isn’t performing outstanding, to be honest the implementation of mercury virtual DOM seems to be the fastest one. Reactjs was on my chrome

mercury performed 21880 iterations in 571220 ms (average 26.11 ms per loop)

react : 3980 iterations in 477000 ms (average 119.85 ms per loop)


I assume you’re referring to this?

  • Ember+HTMLBars: Performed 1040 iterations in 16743 ms (average 16.10 ms per loop).
  • React: Performed 1060 iterations in 19045 ms (average 17.97 ms per loop).
  • Mercury: Performed 1320 iterations in 24820 ms (average 18.80 ms per loop).

All 3 seem pretty much on par with each other (slight variations) yet HTMLBars still seems on top (Chrome 34 on iMac.)


Yes, I just saw his post on freenode so i tested it out. HTMLBars came fine out, generally I would assume that reactjs performed most worst of all.

In my opinion, the best option with ember is to use the most closest or native solution (HTMLBars) and tailoring something else into the an ember project would create an unnecessary external dependency.


Just watched

Highly recommend this video. I’m definitely sold on trying out React rather than just plain jQuery for the next bit dynamic client side UI.

I look forward to reading more about the possibilities of leveraging both React’s components with the opinionated nature of EmberJs.


I don’t know how I feel after seeing the HTMLBars comment and the fact it’s a year old :smile: I am quite excited about the current diff implementation of HTMLBars and hoping to see it soon.


I’d really love to use React with ember, I can use React with backbone, meteor, angular. really like the component idea, but writing a component isn’t as pleasant as writing a React component, I just can’t say why, it’s just feels that way, I love using ember-cli, git,bower,node… everything is so easy(if you know how to do it right), but writing template,controller, bind actions isn’t as fun as I’m doing with React. Currently I’m writing with meteor+react, just enjoying the codes.