When will HTMLbars be ready?


HTMLbars looks very interesting. It was scheduled for 1.1 release. Will it be ready soon?


Maaaaaaybe 1.3? There’s definitely steady progress on it but still a ways to go.


For anyone interested you can find the repo here: https://github.com/tildeio/htmlbars

Hard to Google for some reason…


I have high hopes for this due to that script tags are spread everywhere … :smile:


Also see https://github.com/tildeio/bound-templates.js


What exactly is bound-templates.js? I see that it uses HTMLBars, but there is not much more to read about it.


Is there anything we can help to accelarate the process?


Bump. I’m giving an Intro to Ember talk this Thurs (Dec. 8). It’d be great to be able to give people an idea of when HTMLbars might be ready.



@wycats says it’s ready to hand off to someone else.


@krisselden will come a bit early to the face to face to get mind-dumped. @machty is already familiar with writing Handlebars runtime compatible template languages from his work on Emblem.js so can also help get this over the last few hurdles.


@guilhermeaiolfi HTMLbars is an HTML-aware parser that emits DOM nodes vs just text nodes interspersed with dynamic content nodes. bound-templates is the layer on top of that that actually handles binding. Recall that the pre-HTMLbars way stuff worked in Ember is that Ember essentially subclasses the Handlebars compiler and decorates it with lots of capabilities for getting bindings to work, i.e. Ember.Handlebars vs just Handlebars. Some (much?) of this logic will be moved to the bound-templates microlib.

I think the world needs a blog post on htmlbars once its ready; I’ll be happy to write it. The Ember core team is meeting in person this coming weekend and htmlbars is one of the major focus points; I think/hope we can get it in for Ember 1.4, which means it could land in canary any time in the next 3 weeks and ultimately be in stable in 2 months (when 1.4 is released). It’s definitely been a long time coming and seems extremely promising.


@vic_ramon my above post was addressed to you too


“it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming”

I want to remake this video for announcing htmlbars. Does anyone feel like drawing a bunch of cartoons?


@machty Thanks for the update!


I am super excited! Hope it can boost performance for large list!


@machty I’m curious if htmlbars will use http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/scripting-1.html#the-template-element or not? Looks like it can provide tactical advantages over self-rolled templating system


Any update on this? Wonder if this can be tested soon.


As mentioned over at: Can Reactjs be used as a View within Emberjs?

@krisselden and I are cranking away at it in our free time. I’ll be giving a talk at the SF Ember.js meetup on 1/21 about it. We’d love to have something to show for EmberConf :slight_smile:


@ebryn thanks for your work with HTMLBars :slight_smile: still confident you can show something at EmberConf? Can you roughly point out a release date?


Yeah, I am interested as well.


Any update on potential release date? Beta that we could test?