Docs for HTMLBars?

So, we’ve recently upgraded to ember-cli latest which features the much anticipated HTMLBars

I know a lot of the syntax is HandleBars but there’s also some new stuff in there.

Are there any docs covering all of this anywhere?

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I think the new HTMLbars syntax is being supported/documented in ember releases. For instance bound attributes is in 1.11 beta. The angle bracket notation specified in the “More Intuitive Components” section is also HTMLBars. A totally behind the scenes one but quite exciting for performance, is glimmer which depends on HTMLBars understanding of the dom to theoretically allow it to be faster than react.

Quoting the top of the ember 1.10 release doc

HTMLBars will enable the implementation of several APIs described in The Road to Ember 2.0, and contributes to our continued improvement of rendering performance. Additionally, it will allow us to continue supporting all Ember 1.x template syntax.

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