Am I using HTMLBars?


I just upgraded my ember cli project to the newest ember cli version (which is 0.2.3 - 23.4.2015). Now I wonder if I’m using HTMLBars or not. I read through many blog posts but I don’t get it. Maybe someone could explain to me, how I recognize if I use HTMLBars and how I activate HTMLBars if I’m not using it.

Thanks a lot Bye

Open the console, reload your page and check whether you have in the console a message about Handlebars or not. If you don’t see - my congratulations.

Okay, so it seems I’m using HTMLBars. I was just curious because I didn’t recognize any performance boost. I don’t have any metrics but I can’t “feel” any difference to the older Ember version with Handlebars.

I tried also to activate HTMLBars on the conf/environment.js

    EmberENV: {
        FEATURES: {
            'ember-htmlbars': true

but this gives me the following warning:

WARNING: FEATURE["ember-htmlbars"] is set as enabled, but FEATURE flags are only available in canary builds.

So, when I don’t see any Handlebar output on the console I’m on HTMLBars? Should it be possible to “feel” a performance improvement or are the improvements not as big as promoted?

I have some long lists and I was hopeing that HTMLBars would give me a better experience… So I think I have to wait for Glimmer :smiley: