Which handlebars version to use with ember-cli? htmlbars?


I am using ember-cli:

» ember -v
version: 0.2.3
node: 0.12.2
npm: 2.7.6

I am confused on whether I am using handlebars or htmlbars, and which versions are being used in development and frontend.

Coming from the old grunt days, I still have a dependency to handlebars.js in my bower.json, which I have now upgraded to 3.0.0. My question is: does the frontend app depend on handlebars at all? Maybe the templates are pre-compiled during deployment? How can I verify which handlebars version is being used in my application?

Also: I do not see how handlebars is being used in the development cycle. Is it only used in the development host, or is it loaded in the frontend too? I do not see it loaded by the frontend app. The only handlebars-related stuff there seems to be done by ember-cli-htmlbars. What version of htmlbars is being used? What version of handlebars does that use? Can I use 2.0.0? Can I use 3.0.0? Can I force this?

From the ember-cli-handlebars github page: “Handlebars 2.0 support has been removed”. So: what is the handlebars version used by ember-cli-handlebars? Is it possible to get this information in the js console. when starting up the application, along with the Ember, Ember Data and jQuery versions used?

There are other modules out there which depend on handlebars < 3.0.0 (ember-i18n for example). Can I still load handlebars on the frontend so that these modules keep on working? Will I get conflicts with htmlbars?

Thanks, DanG