Ember, ember-cli and new versions


Now that all of Ember’s pieces are going to be following the main Ember JS version numbering, how do we make sure we’re up to date on the various libraries and other pieces? Ember-cli was a nice way to keep things up to date, but it hasn’t been updated in a while (still at 0.2.7), while Ember itself has been updated several times. (Not to mention the “1.0-ification” of Ember Data). And I see in the latest version of Ember, the release notes say also “Update HTMLBars to 0.13.32.” Without going through configuration files one by one, how do we keep up to date?

Ember versions has always been like a black art - some things are in bower.json, some are in package.json - too many moving pieces to keep track of!

Is there, (or there should be a) definitive list of libraries with their current version, to make it a nice one-stop to keep updated. Usually updating one library, without all it’s dependencies, breaks something else, with error messages that rarely point to what the problem is.