Update project to latest Ember and Ember Data

Ok, so I can use the directions on Release Real Maps · ember-cli/ember-cli · GitHub to update ember-cli to the latest version.

I can’t seem to find the best, “official”, way to update Ember and Ember Data? Just edit the bower.son file to the latest?

Or how?


What works for me is. Create a new project update with the same ember-cli version you started in your project. Update the update project to the new ember-cli as in your directions link and overwrite all in the ember init part. Add the update project as a remote to your project in Git and let Git merge it in your project. Git now merges almost everything correctly for you.

Updating ember-cli in a project isn’t a problem, it’s getting all the right versions of Ember and Ember Data installed. If I edit the bower.json file to have the version numbers I want, when I do the ‘ember init’ after updating ember-cli, the diff for bower.json shows it wants to set to a different version.

I think you want bower update, rather than ember init. That should refresh all your libraries to whatever you set in bower.json.

Thanks. I did figure out to use bower update. Issue is, the instructions to update ember-cli say to run ember init and it will update whatever it needs to in bower.json - including resetting ember to whatever version the latest ember-cli version wants (currently 1.8.something)

It’s whatever version the fine folks on the CLI project can guarantee stability with (especially in combination with whatever version of Ember Data, which is still in beta and making breaking changes).

Upgrading CLI is a massive pain, and I think your best bet is generally to ember init a new project after upgrading and manually copy in whatever files you want, paying close attention to things like the contents of the Brocfile and the environment file.

My Git merge trick does not give me massive pain :wink: Just had to learn Git.

Ooooo, did I miss you talking about that somewhere @broerse? Are you initiallizing in a separate branch, merging, and then resolving conflicts?

Yes in a remote branch for all my projects.