Ember version with CLI

How do I know what version of Ember I am using with a ember-cli project? And are you able to upgrade/change the ember version that you are using say from ember v1.13.1 to ember v1.13.2?


I am extremely new to emberjs, but I was able to find this ember.js - Upgrading Ember inside of Ember-CLI - Stack Overflow . My understanding is that the ember version will be handled by bower, not ember-cli. You can also see the version in the bower.json file. I am also pretty sure there are better ways of doing this, but this should work for now. Also here is the page for the main builds which might be easier to keep up with rather than specific versions: Releases - Ember.js

Hope some of this helps

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I’m new to Ember and one tool that is almost indispensable is the Ember Inspector:

link for google chrome:

There’s also one for Firefox (don’t have the link though)

There’s a tab (Info) in the inspector for various version number including Ember’s.


Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking in the package.json file.