Ember default version of ember-cli


I am going to create a new ember.js app and I’ve used ember-cli (which is the recommended way of creating an ember.js app, right?).

I am wondering why the default version of ember.js is 1.13 but there is a stable version of 2.2.0 and how can I generate a new version of ember.js with the most recent stable version? Is there a reason not to go with the 2.2.0 and prefer the 1.13?


I think this will come in ember-cli ver. 2.x.

Maybe see: https://github.com/ember-cli/ember-cli/issues/4671


I’m trying to figure this out right now too. I don’t understand how Ember versions work. When I type “ember -v” on the command line after installing with npm, I get 1.13.13. However, I updated my bower.json as the tutorial directs and ran “bower install” and it seemed to do the right thing. Is my app running under 2.2.0 even though ember on my computer is 1.13.13?


ember is ember-cli on your computer and so the version can differ but out of the box ember-cli version is usually lock stepped to emberjs’s version … unless you went ahead and upgraded deps yourself in package.json + bower.json

If you want a quick way of looking at what version of ember your running in the browser, open the command prompt and you’ll see the banner on app boot.

If you want to start using ember-cli 2.0.0 along with emberjs 2.x then you’re free to npm install -g ember-cli@2.2.0-beta.2

Be sure to upgrade your application by following the steps to take advantage of all the newest changes: http://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#upgrading


Right now the released version of emberjs is 2.2.0 . The only way for generating a new emberjs 2.2.0 is to use ember-cli beta?


No, you can bump the bower and npm deps yourself.

The “easy way,” for those unfamiliar with all the deps, is to use ember-cli’s init command to bump the version. It’s usually more involved than bumping emberjs in bower.json depending on how big of a jump between versions.