A little unsure if Info in Ember Inspector

I’ve just upgraded my Ember app to 3.12.0 using ember-cli-upgrade and everything worked fine. The package.json file shows the ember-cli version as ~3.12.0 and package-lock.json reflects 3.12.0.

If I run ember --version the result is ember-cli: 3.12.1.

However, Ember Inspector reflects the Ember version as 3.16.0. Why does this discrepancy exist and what does it mean exactly?


This is as expected! ember-source is the actual source for the browser-side JavaScript (where @ember/service and all the other imports come from), while ember-cli is the command line tool we use to build Ember apps. So:

  • The version of Ember shown by the Inspector corresponds to the version for ember-source in your package.json file.
  • The ember command is supplied by ember-cli, so that you don’t have to type ember-cli serve, just ember serve. (npm packages can have “binaries” with any old name; they don’t have to match the name of the package.)

If you check your package.json, you’ll probably see something like "ember-source": "~3.16.0"!

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Correct! package-lock.json shows version 3.16.0 for ember-source. Thank you.