Looking to pick a framework


So I was watching some videos from a recent ember meet up in SF, CA. They spoke of HTMLBars and how it will vastly improve embers performance (please do not jump down my throat for that is that is not exactly the case).

My question is before I start building my app, is this HTMLBars going to be added soon?



There was talk of adding it by EmberConf (March 25-26), although nothing was promised. I can imagine they’re working as fast as possible to merge in the new code. Also: it’s supposed to be a drop in replacement, so if you start working on your app now with regular handlebars, it won’t be a ton of work to upgrade.

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Thanks @matthooks. Are you going to EmberCon? If so, please do post any updates if you can.

Thanks brotha!!



Would the absence on HTMLBars change your decision making? If so, how would this affect the end result?

Well I am not 100% sure, as this will be my first ember app. But to answer your question, I believe that HTMLBars will greatly speed up the app (with regards to templating performance, Handlebars is know to have certain performance issues). I do not believe there are any syntax changes in ember, as mathooks stated above, it is going to be a drop-in replacement, which I think is fucking great.

This video is from Feb 2014. It is a good watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjBs07kgjq0


So given that HTMLBars is a drop in replacement, what would be your concerns about getting started now?

Do you have some performance problems that already exist with Handlebars? Have you tested it?

I only ask because I haven’t found a scenario at this stage where I’m constrained by Handlebars performance. Are you planning on rendering some massive amounts of data per page?

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Are you trolling me?

I don’t think @mfeckie’s question represents trolling. It seems more like he’s inquiring to make sure you’re not limiting your options based on an issue that for 99% of use-cases isn’t the determining factor as to whether the app feels performant to end-users.

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Definitely not trolling! I apologise if it came across that way. Was trying to pose some questions that may aid the decision making process. For example, premature optimisation can really hurt productivity.

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Thanks for the clarification. But there is a stigma in the developer world (which you both are a part of) that ember is slow. Not just rendering UL’s with 1,000 list items either, but just generally as it contains large amounts of “overhead” (which I like, as I am not trying to reinvent the wheel when I dev).

While I am sure that you two technically savvy embers could explain to me why this may be not true, it is the general conciseness, right or wrong. The move to HTMLBars backs up this.

Anyway, I feel like we are off topic on this thread. My question has been answered, in the first response by mathooks.

Have a nice day both of you.

PS - I would like to add that I am choosing ember.js to make my app. Which will contain 4-5 pages of large listviews :wink: - Not a joke.