Ember-metal / HTMLBars


As I understand it, HTMLBars is part of the Ember Metal module. Is this correct?

If so, I also noticed that Ember metal is part of 1.8.0-beta.1. What does this change / seek to change in the actual code I write?

Is Ember-metal / HTMLBars going to function and look exactly the same as handlebars?

In short, I dont know much about either yet (other than HTML Bars improves performance by outputting DOM nodes and not script tags everywhere) and I’m very curious.


As mentioned in a couple places, though we need to communicate it more, metal-views is not HTMLBars. metal-views had the goals of:

  • Refactoring the view layer to remove recursion
  • Replacing the metamorph library (script tags) with the morph library (text nodes)

In general, metal-views prepared the Ember codebase for HTMLBars. Many helpers need to be re-written for HTMLBars to be merged, but most/all of the view layer refactoring is complete.

Ember.js follows semantic versioning, so all your existing Handlebars templates will continue to work in HTMLBars. They will just be faster! The usage for you as an application developer remains the same, with the option of using a few new HTMLBars only syntaxes such as avoiding bind-attr: <div class="{{someClass}}"></div>.

Metal views is slated to ship in Ember 1.8, and HTMLBars is likely close behind.


Thanks man. That actually answered all the questions about the two projects and their differences.

One more question: Can you sum up the differences than between Ember-Metal and HTML Bars? The goals for Ember-metal sound just like what I’ve heard about HTML Bars.

Thanks again!