State of bind-attr after metal-views branch merge


Metamorph script tags are gone!

Looking over the htmlbars library, it appears that @mixonic and @munn have implemented features that replace the bind-attr helper. However attempting something like this in Ember Canary results in an error:

<img src="{{url}}"> 
// Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null (from hydrateMorphs)

I’m assuming these features from htmlbars just haven’t been integrated into Ember yet.

I’m working on producing some Ember screencasts and I’m wondering if there are any branches I could use to get this functionality today. Otherwise I’m wondering how much effort would be needed to get these features in Ember (offering to help if I can). Is this going to be a later Ember 2.0 feature?


Quoting @mixonic:


  • Use a new library called morph to replace script tag based data-binding with invisible text nodes. This also has positive performance implications.
  • Remove recursion from the rendering pipeline. This will also have positive performance implications.

These things prepare the way for HTMLBars as well.

So to recap, master does NOT contain HTMLBars, but is in a much closer state to being able to use it.