Can test a web page via url e.g like in selenium using ember-qunit

Hi all,

I’m new to ember-qunit testing, Can you please let me know if there is a way to test a web page which is already deployed like in this example of selenium: driver.get(“”). Or ember-qunit should be always isolated with the sources?

Hi @armenuhi, welcome! AFAIK by default the ember test helpers are meant to hook in to the Ember framework code and be used in the context of an ember app (for example I think the visit helper expects URLs on “the same host”). Many of the helpers require access to the Ember run-loop too, and IIRC when you run ember tests it creates a specialized build of the app with test-specific environment configuration. So… I doubt it would be possible to use the framework in any recognizable form to test something that is deployed externally, even if it was built with Ember. I don’t think ember-qunit is intended to replace something like Selenium.

Thanks @dknutsen for the response. So it means that there is no way to run ember-qunit tests on live version (production) after deployment. correct?

I don’t know for certain but very much doubt it based on how everything is set up. Sorry!