Can you use an object oriented pattern with templates?

Say I have a template that I want to use for a generic list of entities like so:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="entityList">

Is it possible to use this with a concrete entityList like a games for instance?

  <script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="games">

On the javascript side this works great. I have an ArrayController called EntityListController and I extend it to a GamesController. I’m just not sure how the EntityList can have access to my model so it can iterate over my list of games and be passed other propeties as well.

Unless you’re adding markup specific to the games template, you should be able to re-use the entity-list template by assigning the templateName property in the associated GamesView. Same template but different controller.

I’m sorry can you provide some code with this example. I’m still just a couple of days into this whole Ember stuff and currently (at least to my knowledge) I’m not using Views. I think I see what you’re saying though. The templates should be general themselves and don’t need to be extended?

I think what I might be looking for is renderTemplate inside the entity’s controller?

renderTemplate may work, but I’ve so far avoided doing anything like that.

You can declare a GamesView and Ember will automatically associate it with the GamesController. You aren’t required to define the views if there are no view-specific properties you wish to override.

App.GamesView = View.extend({
	// Ember would look for the template at 'games' by default.
	// Tell Ember to use the entityList template.
	templateName: 'entityList'

There are many other ways of making reusable code/templates in Ember. If you’d like to describe the intended use case more, I may have better suggestions. If seems like you may want a component that renders a list of whatever you pass in, and then you could make use the component on the games page.

May I ask why you try to avoid using it? From what I read from the docs it seems as though it’s just what I need.

It however does no work. Your technique does and I don’t understand why.

I just find it weird how I need to make a new class:

Spark.GameListView = Ember.View.extend({
  templateName: "entityList"

When adding something to the new class I already have doesn’t work:

Spark.GameListRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  renderTemplate : function() {

I avoid it just because it seems more low-level/sophisticated than necessary, and wherever possible I prefer to let Ember wire things together according to the naming conventions supported throughout the framework.

I agree it’s a bit annoying to declare a class for a single property, but using the templateName property of a view is more declarative, though you can override renderTemplate(controller, model) if you need to choose a different template according to the model.