Cannot Access All Object Data from Store


I’m new to Ember so please forgive my ignorance. I am working on a search page where I have a route that accepts a search param and is passed to a query:

    return this.get('store').query("search-result", { filter: {"searchTerm": param["term"]}});

When on the template when I try to load the ‘displayName’ of the result nothing appears. However when I call ‘content’ which is the other attribute of the object the content renders. Why would this be?

I am using a JSONAPI adapter with a valid (I think) JSONAPI. Here is an example incoming result:


Any direction would be great thanks!


Just to follow up on this. I changed content to searchContent because I thought it would be a conflict (from what I could find online). I have also added a serializer. Now I don’t see anything :slight_smile: which is progress (I think) because I think I was overriding the content attribute with my object.

However now my objects have nothing but ids.


I solved the problem by creating a serializer with the following method

 keyForAttribute: function(attr) {
        return attr;

The problem was I was using camel case and Ember expected it to be dashed. So I overrode the seralizer to leave it alone since it was coming in as camel case.