Cannot compile component templates with custom name


In project we have application structure with component pods like: app > components > my-component – my-component.js |-my-component-template.hbs

To find template with unusual name, we changed _podTemplatePatterns() in our ember-cli-build.

app._podTemplatePatterns = function() {
    return this.registry.extensionsForType('template').map(function(extension) {
        return new RegExp(`.${extension}$`);

After update from ember 3.3 to 3.4 template is not found and compiled any more. However it is found in template trees for template linter.

I checked requirejs.entries and template is really not there.

I looked into ember-app.js and ember-cli-htmbars, but found nothing which could help me.

I guess we could rename all the templates to template.hbs, so it is found and compiled, but i thought if I make it work, I would know the framework better and also how it works internally.