Cannot create instance-initializer

Hi all! I’m trying to create instance initializer via cli according to docs:

ember g instance-initializer oauthio

But there is no such blueprint. What I’m doing wrong?

P.S. EmberCLI 1.13.13, EmberJS 2.2.0.

I don’t think there is a default instance-initializer blueprint (I’m running a similar configuration ember-cli 1.13.8, Ember.js 2.2) However, the API for instance-initializers is quite similar to initializers. You can ember g initializer foo and then copy initializers/foo.js to your instance-initializers directory and that should work.

I’m already have created initilizer manually. But for me it seems ackward that official docs contains invalid example.

Agreed. It looks like there is an open issue regarding adding a default blueprint: And actually there is a merged PR that has the default blueprint added:

Oh, I see. Perhaps they just did not include this to the last release.