Cannot delegate set('personName', s) to the 'content' property of object proxy <DS.PromiseObject:ember323>: its 'content' is undefined

I am trying my hands on ember js and I am not able to use multiple models within models, single models with string attributes are easy…

model/client.js export default DS.Model.extend({ person: DS.belongsTo(‘person’, {async: false, inverse: ‘client’}), postalAddress : DS.belongsTo(‘address’, {async: false}) , residentialAddress : DS.belongsTo(‘address’, {async: true}) , personName: DS.attr(‘string’), //added from person greeting : DS.attr(‘string’) //added from person }); model/person.js export default DS.Model.extend({ name : DS.attr(‘string’), personName : DS.attr(‘string’), greeting : DS.attr(‘string’) , client: DS.belongsTo(‘client’, {inverse: ‘person’}) }); My Route routes/client/create

import Ember from ‘ember’;

export default Ember.Route.extend({ model() { return Ember.RSVP.hash({

    'client': this.get('store').createRecord('client'  ,
      { //does this not initialize person
        person: 'person', address: 'address'
      } ),
    // )

//does this not initialize person ’person’: this.get(‘store’).createRecord(‘person’,{ client: ‘client’ }), ‘address’: this.get(‘store’).createRecord(‘address’) } ); } }); my template has only one line :

{{client-form client=model.client person=model.client.person address=model.client.residentialAddress

errors=model.errors onSave=(action “save”) }}

in my client-form.hbs i had some fields that referred to client.person.personName or client.person.greeting, and when i would type the first character I would get for greeting or personName

Assertion Failed: Cannot call set with ‘greeting’ on an undefined object. So I added personName and greeting in client model directly as well and added two fields referring to client.personName and client.greeting and those fields dont give me any issue. I believe that the person model is not initialized and perhaps the client is instantiated but person and address is not and person is an undefined object.

The reason for such a model is that I have a java backend and my ClientDTO looks like:

public class ClientDTO /implements IsSerializable/ {

private PersonDTO personDTO;
private AddressDTO postalAddress;
private AddressDTO residentialAddress;

Where have i missed initializing the person and address, I can find ppl having errors “cannot call get on undefined” but not in set. Edit: Now after looking at some examples online I changed my Controller to initialize some models

import Ember from ‘ember’; export default Ember.Controller.extend({ actions: { save() { console.log(“yes controller”); let client = this.model.client; let person= this.model.person; let residentialAddress = this.model.client.residentialAddress; => {;; this.transitionToRoute(‘message’, {queryParams: {message: ‘created’}}); }); } } }); and changed my create route to

routes/client/create.js export default Ember.Route.extend({ model() { return Ember.RSVP.hash({

       client: this.get('store').createRecord('client'  ,
          person: 'person', residentialAddress: 'address'
        } ),
      // )

      party: this.get('store').createRecord('person',{
        client: '

client’ }), residentialAddress : this.get(‘store’).createRecord(‘address’)


Now I get:

Assertion Failed: Cannot delegate set(‘partyName’, aaa) to the ‘content’ property of object proxy DS.PromiseObject:ember323: its ‘content’ is undefined. Which is justr another way of saying the same thing. I think i am not creating the models in the route correctly.