Cannot load associated records from a router


I have a router that loads a “Place”.

App.PlaceRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
		model: function(params) {
			return'place', params.place_id);
		setupController: function(controller, model) {
			this._super(controller, model);
			//The promise way ?
			var placeId = model.get('id');
			var myRecords ='record', {place:placeId}).then(function(recs){
					console.log("DOES IT HAPPEN ?"); //Never logged
					this.controllerFor('records').set('content', recs);
			//Or is the good way below ?
			//this.controllerFor('records').set('content', myRecords);

			//The only that works (which is not I want but displays as I'd like):
			//this.controllerFor('records').set('content', App.Record.FIXTURES);

		renderTemplate: function(){
			this.render('place', {
					controller: 'place'  
			this.render('display-graph-list', {
					into: 'place',
					outlet: 'graphs',
					controller: 'records'  

This Place has associated “Records”.

App.Place = DS.Model.extend({
		name: attr('string')
		, desc: attr('string')
		, records: hasMany('record')
		, site: belongsTo("site")
	App.Record = DS.Model.extend({
			name: attr('string'),
			type: attr('string'),
			data: attr('string'),
			place: belongsTo('place')

As indicated into ember-data 1.0.0 Transition Guide, it uses promises to retrieve data, but here, nothing happens.

Here is a JSbin to see what I mean:

When I navigate to a place, I should have at least one record displayed.

I cannot figure out how to load and display the records. What do I miss ?

Is there a better way to display an array of sub-items of a model ?

This is a combination of two issues in ember-data 1.0.0-beta.1

The lack of display is due to hasMany/belongsTo relationships: commenting these lines into App.Place and App.Record make something displayed.


However another problem appears: the ‘data’ keyword should not be used.

Replacing it with something like ‘datapath’ makes it work.