Can't update duplicate component on changing one instance of component

Here i am using one component to change date and using two instances of the same component “FromDate” and “toDate”. Here is my component from which i am calling both date-picker duplicate components.


{{date-picker componentId=“component1” tagName=“span” initialState=initialFromDate endDate=endFromDate dateChangeAction=(action ‘changeDate’) data-class = “fromDate1”}}

{{date-picker componentId=“component2” tagName=“span” value=component1 initialState=initialToDate startDate=startDate endDate=endToDate dateChangeAction=(action ‘changeDate’) data-class =“toDate1” customClass=‘toDate1 date’}}

I am setting “toDate1” instance whenever i am changing “fromDate1” instance but i am unable to get ‘this’ of toDate1. Is there any way through which i can get instance of this toDate component if my fromDate changes.