Checkbox helper and firing objectcontroller change function


I was wondering if I could get some assistance on this stack overflow question. The ‘change=‘someFunction’’ answer does not work, and the linked Stack Overflow question provides an overly complex solution to a very simple problem: all I want is for the item controller method to fire whenever the user checks or unchecks the button. The method it is supposed to call is very simple: it just saves the data back to the store. This is very frustrating because it’s a simple thing that can usually be solved with one or two lines of code.

One way would be to bind the checkboxes using data binding to the checked value and then observing that value.

Your code would look something like this

{{input type="checkbox" name="isChecked" checked=isChecked}}

and in the controller

isCheckedObserver: function(){
  var isChecked = this.get('isChecked');
  // DO STUFF!

In general I’ve found when I’m trying to use events (not including actions), it becomes more difficult. Things seem to go easier when I use data bindings.

– OOPS just reread your question and noticed you’re already binding checked to your users is_disabled value. You can observe that value instead of the isChecked I mentioned above.