Clarity needed around filter vs. query


I was scratching my head about the relationship between data on the server with 1000’s of records, those that on the client, and querying between the two.

When you read logically through the documentation its pretty unclear, until you get to the very end of the Model section where there is a good answer, with example!

The problem is that the answer references something called “filter” which is part of DS.Store which is not properly explained in the Model section (rightly so perhaps.) And there is no link or anything to help you find more about the magical filter method.

On top of that the terminology is a bit mixed. You have find, query, and filter, and the relationship between them is not very well spelled out.

If people agree that this is an issue, I would be happy to do a summary that could be used in the documentation.

Or perhaps maybe I am just missing something?


When I used filter the last time this certainly was an issue, so would love to see some extra docs added for that.


The biggest issue is Ember Data still hasn’t hit 1.0. So writing documentation for it is difficult due to it being a moving target.


So to do a doc update, is just fork a branch, and do a pull request?