Component action not bubbling to the route

Still having an issue sending an action in a nested component to a higher up route. I have a component template, product-item

<button onclick={{action (action "addItem" product)}}>Choose</button>

which is nested in another template, products-list, as follows:

{{#each products as |product|}}
  {{product-item product=product addItem="addItem"}}

On the product-item.js file I have this action:

addItem: function(product) {
  this.sendAction('addItem', product);

And on the route :

actions: {
  addItem: function(product) {

But I when I click the button I get had no action handler defined error. I want it to bubble to the route so I can access the store. Any idea what the issue is? The action reaches the product-item component action handler, when I stick a debugger in there it picks it up.

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I don’t know the answer, seems like it should work. Just an observation, is

{{action (action "addItem" product)}} a typo? shouldn’t it be {{action "addItem" product}} ?

AFAIK it should go bubble controller to route and then through the route hierarchy, if you put an action handler on the controller is it invoked?

Adding to Neil’s reply, I think instead of this:

<button onclick={{action (action "addItem" product)}}>Choose</button>

You really want this:

<button {{action "addItem" product}}>Choose</button>

Click is the default event; if you wanted to listen for a different event, the on would actually go inside the {{action}}, e.g.:

<button {{action "addItem" product on="mouseUp"}}>Choose</button>

You can use this.sendAction('deleteAction'); and bubble yourself. See: