Component "didInsertElement" only get fired first time


First off, thanks so much for all the help so far. Really got me off the ground and making some progress.

Ok, so I have a component to render a select list to which I pass a “selectedId” value. In the “didInsertElement” event I fire a function (with to initiallize the select2 plugin.

All works great, but I have a problem where I have a list of records (say mysite/things/) and when you click on one, I load a form to edit that item in the “outlet” (say mysite/things/2/edit). Works great except it seems when the form load for the second time (like when you select a new record) the component does not seem to get initialized again and the selected value stays the same.

I placed an alert in the “didInserrtElement” event and it only gets called the first time the edit templated are loaded.

Does hope that make sense? Not sure if I should bother you guys with a bunch of code rather?

PS: For what it matter, if I use that component several times on the same template (form) it works as expected.


didInsertElement called once when inserted in DOM. So any change to that doesn’t trigger that hook. Maybe didReceiveAttrs hook is good for you.

Take a look at component lifecycle