Computed Property not firing second time


I have pubnub hooked up to my app, it receives information about how to change item attributes when someone on the other end has changed them ( for instance an admin changes the name of an item, the end user should get a push about that change and see the item name change on the page).

Items have booleans coming in as 1 or 0 that will show if an item is published or not and weather or not is should show on the page. In my model I specified that published property as a boolean, so when a 0 or 1 comes in on the initial data load, it turns into true or false, however when the push comes in from pubnub, it’s giving me the same 0 or 1 from the database but when I use setProperties it sets to the actual 0 or 1 rather than the boolean version of it. How can I have ember somehow take those setProperties and typecast them based on their model definition?


Would this help?