Concerns about ember performance (ember-data in particular)

My team launched a new Ember app. Unfortunately, the performance was poor. One senior engineer from Ember infrastructure team in the company mentioned that we could improve the performance by not using ember-data, since our use case was simple and only read data from backend. One reason he mentioned was that ember-data created many Ember objects, which was expensive.

I did simple perf tests about Ember object creation. It turns out Ember object creation is much slower than plain JS object creation. Additionally, the latest Ember 2.16.0 seems even slower than the old version 2.3.1 in terms of Ember object creation.

I posted my findings on StackOverflow and asked if it was a good idea not to use ember-data on performance ground. It’s not getting much of traction there. I am hoping I can hear more interesting thoughts in this forum.


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LinkedIn uses ember-data 2.14.10 and it does not seem to be slow. Looking at their data from the ember inspector does not show many records so perhaps you can’t compare it with your team’s Ember App. But I think a big Ember App like LinkedIn would loose ember-data if it didn’t benefit them.

Also Twitch is not slow and again uses ember-data 2.14.10. They have much more records than LinkedIn it seems.


I think that was around the time where WeakMap was introduced to track listener and Symbol is used to hold on to the meta object. Maybe it’s not as optimized as the plain object by JS engine.