Conflicting acceptance tests


I have a similar problem as described in the following StackOverflow thread (for more details click here).

Basically I just tried to visit the login page and then visit the signup page. Therefore I created two acceptance tests. If I run them seperate then everything works fine, if I run them after each other the assertion is nut fullfilled because currentPath() is undefined in the test I run as second. Which means:

Run after each other results in following behaviour:

tests/acceptance/login --> currentPath() === 'login'
tests/acceptance/signup --> currentPath() !== 'signup' because currentPath is undefined
tests/acceptance/signup --> currentPath() === 'signup'
tests/acceptance/login --> currentPath() !== 'login' because currentPath is undefined

Run them seperately:

tests/acceptance/login --> currentPath() === 'login' --> PASS

tests/acceptance/signup --> currentPath() !== 'signup' because currentPath is undefined --> FAIL

Do you have an ideas where I can start to debug this issue? It’s so hard to get a trace :confused: because there are so many libraries involveld and I’m still a newbie to the whole ember universe.

I use:
ember 1.13.0
ember-data 1.0.0.beta19.1
ember-cli 0.2.7
ember-cli-mocha 0.8.0
ember-cli-page-object 0.5.0
ember-data-factory-guy 1.1.1
ember-cli-simple-auth 0.8.0

Thanks for any help!

Has anyone an idea how to tackle this problem? I still found no solution… please help me :wink: how could I provide more information so you can help me? I feel a little bit lost on this problem