Console error : Could not find 'ember-resolver' in dev setup

Hi, I am migrating my app from Ember v2.4 to Ember v2.18. I have used ‘ember init’ for this upgrade process and the changed files accordingly what are listed. Have updated the node_modules/ folder but the same error.

Uncaught Error: Could not find module ember-resolver imported from {project_name}/app

Solutions tried:

  1. javascript - Could not find module `ember-resolver` imported from `AppName/resolver Ember tests - Stack Overflow
  2. Some of the previous discussions availables in the forum.

Can anyone help me to sort this out?

Hi @haran5500 that’s reaching pretty far back but maybe we can still figure something out. Where is ember-resolver? package.json or bower.json? what’s in your ember-cli-build.js? (or is it still brocfile in 2.4? i forget)