Controllers deprecation in 2.0

I’v heard that controllers will be replaced with components in 2.0. But ember is still adding new features for them like Ember.inject.controller instead of needs. Does it make sense to spend time on refactoring if controllers will be removed in new releases?

Routable components and controller deprecation were pushed back to 2.1/2.2, see

Controllers will be supported the whole 2.x cycle via plugins (which will also silence deprecation warnings when included). At least Ember.Controller, not sure about Ember.ArrayController or Ember.ObjectController, which are already deprecated.

This link will give you more details,

and from official docs, Should I use controllers in my application? I’ve heard they’re going away!

Yes! Controllers are still an integral part of an Ember application architecture, and generated by the framework even if you don’t declare a Controller module explicitly.