Conventions of one singleton controller for a route


A few days ago I posted a question on Stack Overflow regarding singleton controllers and routes. I’ve been tinkering with the problem since but haven’t found a solution yet.

What I basically want is to have a ‘outlet container’ in which views for routes are rendered in a layered design. The view for newly entered route then partially slides over the previous route’s view. I’ve gotten this to work in this JSFiddle, but it breaks down when ‘re-entering’ the current active route with a different model. I suspect this is because Ember doesn’t actually create a new controller/view pair but merely updates the model on the current controller.

Now I’m starting to think that this is actually nog easily possible in Ember because of the conventions build in.

I know this forum is not meant to ask direct questions so I would like to broaden this a bit and ask what you Ember guys think about this problem. It feels to me Ember is more catered towards creating one-page ‘websites’ instead of real desktop class web applications. Is Ember just not made for these kind of applications?

PS: I’m subconsciously approaching Ember from a Cocoa standpoint, where this would be quite easy to solve using a viewController that manages the view hierarchy. Does Ember actually implement such a idiom?