Correctly importing in (nested) addons

I’ve read a couple of discussions related to modularizing your ember application into ember addons but I’m still having trouble figuring the correct way to import.

(Side note: Am I correct in stating that using the pods structure in addons still has some issues that are being worked on?)

I have an addon containing an application adapter that is imported to the main application and automatically merges. (myadapteraddon/app/adapters/application)

Another addon exports a model and model-adapter. That model needs its own adapter to use pathForType. The model addon depends on the adapter addon and the adapter it exports should extend the imported application adapter .

In my model adapter file, how do I correctly import the application adapter from the other addon?

I’ve tried ‘import ApplicationAdapter from /mymodeladdon/adapters/application’ ‘import ApplicationAdapter from /myadapteraddon/adapters/application’

Neither work. Help! :slight_smile:

Figured out what the issue was. My model-addon had the adapter-addon listed as a devDependency instead of a dependency