Cosmetic things added via jquery are not been reflected in emberjs application

I am building an application with emberjs and there I am trying to make use of jquery.main.js in my application for getting cosmetic styles been added from that jquery script. But html code which is placed inside the ember js template ( script type=“text/x-handlebars”) are not been considered by that jquery. Only for those piece of code which is written outside ember js handlebar is taken for the style appending by the jquery.main.js…

I’m not familiar with jquery.main.js, but if you want to execute JavaScript code on the page after the template renders, you can implement the didInsertElement hook in your view. This gives you the opportunity to transform elements rendered by Ember.

Thanks alot…It worked fine.This is what I was looking for //

I also should have noted that these sorts of questions are best asked on Stack Overflow. Thanks!