Could u plz help me how to create price switching label?

can any one help me how to create price switching like this Bootstrap Snippet Sexy Radio Butons using HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript in ember

Hi Velugu,

This job, is in fact more really built in CSS instead of Ember.

I made this for exemple :

@Swizz540 thank you so much i got it…

Why an array? Why not label as a string, where each label is separated by comma. That way you can evade parsing that array. Also, nice trick with radio button, never would had thought of it. (y)

Also, @velugu, please don’t ask people to write components for you - no matter how easy it is. Try making something of your own and if you get stuck somewhere, post the code - people will gladly help you. You’ll learn definitely more by trying to write something of your own and then filling the eventual holes you have in your code.

@kklisura thanks for suggestion i need for urgently that’s why asked here…