Creating/modifying model/attributes/fields dynamically

Hello All,

I am designing an app that requires adding/displaying/editing fields/attributes dynamically.

For example,

  • Person object has First Name and Last Name initially
  • App admin should have the capability to add another attribute Title using the app itself
  • Once the Title attribute is added, rest of the users should be able to view/edit this field.
  • In certain cases Admin should have the capability to create a new Object as well. Say - there is no object called “Building” in the system. Admin should be able to create same with custom attributes.

I am new to Ember. Is there a design pattern that is commonly used in Ember for this kind of requirement? Or any other way to implement this as a generic feature in Ember?

On the backend (JEE - MySQL), I am using a hybrid EAV kind of design to support this.

Thanks !!!

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You ever find out how to do this?