Creating multiple textboxes upon condition met?

I would like to create a set of textboxes depending on the input of a textbox.

So, for instance. If the user were to type ‘5’ into the textbox, 5 smaller textboxes would be created. These textboxes can then be written into and can be stored.

Is there any guidance I can get from this?


I don’t know how to do this yet but it seems interesting to try to make an example. I would make a component for the smaller boxes. Do you want to do some sort of autogrow on the current model or an extra model with the data for the smaller boxes?

I wouldn’t mind really! Preferably within the current model but if its easier to do it in an extra model than that’s fine.


I will try to find the time to create an example this week.

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I didn’t find the time but you are not forgotten. I was thinking it would be nice to make my first Twiddle to demo this.

Thanks for your help, but I’ve figured it out. I just used handlebars and it seemed to do the trick!