Current Form CRUD Example for Ember 3+?

I think my google skills must just be failing me, but…

Is there a current guide somewhere on how to build a create or update form? A classic to-do example or blog example would hit the spot. Almost all the links I find online seem to be fairly outdated.

What level of detail are you looking for?

I generally wrap an HTML form in a component, and inject the store service into that component to handle updates and such

I guess my confusion comes from wanting to know what is a good and scalable practices. shows holding state and putting actions in the controller, while Rock and Roll with Ember shows state & actions in a component.

I feel like there must be pros and cons of either pattern, but I’m not sure how to really reason able them.

I don’t have patterns or architecture guidelines to back up these claims…

But I prefer to have everything contextual. Meaning as much in components as possible. Controllers encourage prop drilling, which makes maintenance hard… If you desire to extract some shared functionality, that’s the perfect reason to make a service.

Controllers, today, only exist because we haven’t found a good replacement for query params and the route’s rendering context yet. There are some RFCs out though:

If/when those two are merged. We can ignore controllers altogether. The direction ember is heading in is to be a component-service framework.

I am 2 months behind on updating :wink:

Just updated. Not sure I understand why Module Unification seems we go backwards for I liked how it worked before.