Custom Serializer for "type"

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I’ve read the guide for custom serializers Customizing Serializers - Ember Data - Ember Guides and I wanted to extend my application serializer with a specific format for the style info in the json-output:

import JSONAPISerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/json-api';
import { underscore } from '@ember/string';

export default JSONAPISerializer.extend({
	keyForAttribute(attr) {
		return underscore(attr);
	keyForRelationship(key) {
		return underscore(key);

I want to underscore the “type” info but there’s no keyForType or something similar.

  "data": {
    "type": "people",    //<-----this type
    "id": "123",
    "attributes": {
      "given-name": "Jeff",
      "family-name": "Atwood"

Do I miss something or is this solved an other way.

Thank you


It’s weirdly named but I think modelNameFromPayloadKey might be what you want?

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Thank you, I’ve found the correct one. In my case it was JSONAPISerializer - 3.25 - Ember API Documentation.

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